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2022 Open Sheep Shows

Sheep Show schedule (Times are subject to change based upon entries and show ring schedule on the day)
Jacob breed show: 9 AM
Hampshire breed show: 10:30 AM
Suffolk breed show (tbc) 2 PM
Meat breeds show and Commercial sheep show immediately following Suffolk show
Classic breed show: 4 PM
Shetland breed show: 8:30 AM
Babydoll Southdown breed show: 10 AM
Wool breeds show: 1:15 PM

Entry Deadline Aug. 31st, 2022

Registration is $5/sheep, and premiums will be paid as follows:

1st place – $25
2nd place – $20
3rd place – $15
4th place – $10
5th place – $8
6th place – $5

Premiums are paid for Classes: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11 Only.


General Rules Class Definitions Division Definitions
Sheep Show Entry Form              Pay Entries by Paypal



Open Sheep Shows will take place on both Saturday and Sunday. For more detailed information about the shows or show schedule, contact Reni at
This is an off-the-truck show. There will be sufficient pens at ringside for shows in progress, but you must remove your animals from those pens when you are finished with your show to allow others to use them. Any remaining pens will be available on a first come first serve basis with a 3 pen limit per farm. No bedding will be provided. There will be pen managers in the barn to help you find space.
We strongly recommend that you bring your own pens so the safety of your animals is guaranteed. Set up of your own pens will be in designated areas. Please follow the signs to the Exhibitor’s Entrance to the Vet Check before unloading animals. Thank you for your cooperation.



1. Sheep must be checked-in by 9:00 AM the day of their show. Veterinary check-in will be available at the Exhibitor’s Entrance Friday 1-7 PM, Saturday 7-10 AM, Sunday 8-10 AM. You will receive a tag to display on your pen as proof that your animals have been inspected.

2. The entry fee is $5 per sheep per show up to the Wednesday of the week before the show (Aug. 31, 2022). You may pay by check (made out to Garden State Sheep Breeders) or via PayPal. Entries cannot be accepted once the Festival has begun. A sheep must be shown in an individual class to enter in the pair or group classes. There is no charge for the pair or group classes. Questions about receipt of registration/ payment should be directed to Joan Schnieber 908-319-0382 or

3. Premiums and ribbons will be awarded for first through sixth place in Classes 1 through 11 (ribbons only for Classes 12 through 18). The premiums are as follows: 1st place – $25 ; 2nd place – $20 ; 3rd place – $15 ; 4th place – $10 ; 5th place – $8 ; and 6th place – $5. Champion and reserve rosettes will also be given. Premiums will be mailed.

4. Exhibitors may show up to 4 sheep per class.

5. Any breed having 4 breeders and 20 sheep will be given their own show. Breed show will be determined on the basis of entries received.

6. All animals must be free from infectious and contagious diseases. Sheep must be accompanied by a Health Certificate dated within 90 days of the festival for NJ residents and 30 days for out-of-state participants. RABIES SHOTS ARE REQUIRED AS OF 2018. In addition, animals will be inspected by a veterinarian at the show grounds.

7. Because of the Scrapie program, all sheep must be tagged with official identification.

8. Bring your own pens, bedding, hay, buckets, feed and halters.

9. Sheep are released after their show.


Category Division Description Contact
Meat Sheep Show – show on Saturday
A black face
B white face
Wool Sheep Show – show on Sunday
C fine
D medium
E long
F coarse
Classic Sheep Show G any classic breeds (e.g. Finn, Jacob, Icelandic, Shetland) Show on Saturday
Jacob Breed Show H Eastern Regional Show on Saturday Bob Maysmallmail
Shetland Breed Show I Show on Sunday
Romney Breed Show no pre-organized show planned
Lincoln Breed Show K no pre-organized show planned
Baby Doll Breed Show L Show on Sunday Reni & Kevin Melvin smallmail
Gotland Breed Show M no pre-organized show planned
Navajo Churro Breed Show N no pre-organized show planned Rebecca Gunther (908) 369-4088
Commercial Sheep Breeds/ Grade Show
O Show on Saturday following Suffolk show Reni Melvinsmallmail
Hampshire P Show on Saturday
Suffolk Q Show on Saturday


Note: Premiums & Ribbons Awarded for Classes 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11;
Ribbons Only (no Premiums) for Pair Classes and Classes 14 through 18

  1. Aged rams (2 to 4 years old)
  2. Pair of aged rams
  3. Yearling rams
  4. Pair of yearling rams
  5. Ram lambs
  6. Pair of ram lambs
  7. Aged ewes (2 to 8 years old)
  8. Pair of aged ewes
  9. Yearling ewes
  10. Pair of yearling ewes
  11. Ewe lambs
  12. Pair of ewe lambs
  13. Pair of lambs (can be mixed or single sex)
  14. Get of sire (4 sheep any age or sex sired by the same ram)
  15. Dam and lamb (1 lamb either sex with its mother)
  16. Breeder’s flock (2 yearling ewes, 2 ewe lambs, and 1 ram any age, all bred & owned by the exhibitor)
  17. Junior showmanship (exhibitor under 18 with any sheep)
  18. Best fleece (wool and classic shows only)


Pay Entries via PayPal

Apologies….Pay Pal limitation – only 10 choices per dropdown are allowed.

Sheep Entry Fee (1-10 Entries)

Sheep Entry Fee (11-20 entries)

Sheep Entry Fee (21-30 entries)

Sheep Entry Fee (31-40 entries)

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