2022 Contest Results

Fleece Show

DIVISION/CLASS 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Natural Colored – Babydoll Southdown Michelle Cross Michelle Cross
Natural Colored – Coarse Wool Bob May Reni Melvin
Natural Colored – Long Wool Joan Worthington Marlene Halstead Amanda Agne
Natural Colored – Medium Wool Janet Laidlaw Janet Laidlaw (Tie);
Janet Laidlaw (Tie);
Toni Kellers (Tie)
Janet Laidlaw
Natural Colored – Romney Marlene Halstead
Natural Colored – Shetland Sharon Gifford Sharon Gifford (Tie);
Stacy Smith-Bohn (Tie)
Stacy Smith-Bohn (Tie);
Stacy Smith-Bohn (Tie);
Anita Duscher (Tie)
Alpaca Lisa Collura Lisa Collura Jackie Armiger
Llama Mary Marzinsky Mary Marzinsky Mary Marzinsky
White – Babydoll Southdown Michelle Cross
White – Coarse Wool Bob May
White – Long Wool Amanda Agne Marlene Halstead Marlene Halstead
White – Medium Wool Toni Kellers Toni Kellers Gregory Jackson
White – Romney Michelle Cross Michelle Cross Michelle Cross
Best in Show: Lisa Collura – Alpaca


Sheep Shows

Babydoll Southdown Classic Commercial Grade
Hampshire Jacob Meat (Open)
Suffolk Wool-Fine  Wool-Coarse
Wool- Medium Wool-Long Best of Show Winners

Shepherd’s Lead

Senior Division:
1st place – Bob May
Junior Division:
1st place – Savannah Timney
2nd place –Daisy Timney
3rd place – Riley Eve

Sheep Show Adult Showmanship Winner:

Allsyon Agne


Fleece to Scarf Competition:  

1st Place – Philadelphia Guild of Handweavers

2nd Place – Twist Knitting and Spinning