2014 Contest Results

Breed Display

1st Shetland
Ewe Can Do It Farm
2nd Amer. Mini Cheviot Shepherd’s
3rd Coopworth
Winter’s Past Farm
4th CVM/
Swayze Inn Farm
5th Nigerian
Dwarf Goat
Miner’s Hillside Farm

Many thanks to all exhibitors!

Shepherd’s Lead
1st Riley Eve Fiber: Ivy Brook Farm
2nd Anna Lusardi Fiber: info not provided
3rd Kara Lowenstein Fiber: Riverbend
1st Devon Schneider Fiber: Dad’s Dream Farm
2nd Maggie Kelly Fiber: Jamieson &
3rd Rebecca Kornhaber Fiber: WoodsEdge
Wool Farm
Adult – Women
1st Georgia Muhs Fiber: Rocky Creek Farm
2nd Judi Lehrhaupt Fiber: Ewe Can Do It Farm
3rd Lisa Marazzo Fiber: All About
Adult – Men
1st Bob May Fiber: Ivy Brook Farm

Photo Contest

1st Fence Posts E. Bench
2nd Silos D. Schneider
3rd Hay Bales E. Bench
Funny Farm
1st Funny Faces S. Phillipsheck
2nd Whoa! You’re Not a Cat! J. Lehrhaupt
3rd Thirsty Llamas S. Phillipsheck
Life on Farm
1st Shearing

R. May
2nd A Winter Morning L. Detwiler
3rd Lamb & Mother on 1st Day T. Keller
Best of Show
Shearing Ewe R. May

Fleece Show
Preliminary – Results Being Verified

Natural Colored – Baby Doll

1st-2nd Stone Manor Farm

Natural Colored – Fine Wool

1st Devon Schneider

Natural Colored – Long Wool

Border Leicester 1st Riverbend Farm
Border Leicester 2nd Devon Schneider

1st-2ndStone Manor Farm

Natural Colored – Romney

1st – 3rd Windy Oaks Farm/Ron Andress

Natural Colored – Shetland

1st  Autumn Breeze
2nd Sugar Creek
Farm (J. Bromley)
3rd Autumn Breeze

White – Baby Doll

1st – 3rd Stone Manor Farm

White – Fine Wool

Cormo/ Merino 1st – 2nd John & Kate Bostek

White – Long Wool

Border Leicester 1st – 2nd Windy Oaks Farm/Ron Andress

White – Medium Wool

1st Devon Schneider
2nd Devon
Cheviot 3rd Art Nevins

White – Romney

1st-3rd Windy Oaks Farm/Ron Andress

White – Shetland

1st-3rd Autumn Breeze


1st-3rd Stone Manor Farm

Best of Show: White – Fine Wool,  John & Kate Bostek

Reserve:  TBD

2013 Sheep Show Results
2014 Results not Available
Updated: 8-Sept-2014

Updated: 8-Sept-2014