2012 Contest Results

Breed Display

1st Gotland Riverbend Farm
2nd Sheltand Ewe Can Do If Farm
3rd Icelandic Lori Troy
4th Jacob Swayze Inn Farm
5th Amer. Mini Cheviot Shepherd’s Croft

Many thanks to all exhibitors!

Photo Contest

1st Storm
J. Child
2nd Making Hay R. Perelli
3rd Fat Frog K. Decher
4th Llama K. Philished
5th Sheep B. Bartons
Funny Farm
1st K. Philipshed
2nd Cow R. Melvin
3rd Llama R. Melvin
4th R. Perelli
5th Llama Drinking From Bottle R. Wolfe
Life on Farm
1st Shearing
R. Perelli
2nd (Shetland?) Sheep Unlabeled
3rd Chickens R. Melvin
4th Flock K. Philipshed
5th Lamb/ Mom Julie R. Perelli

1st Coming

K. Byrnes
2nd On the Lam M. Marietti
3rd Shearing J. Child
4th Sheep Face R. Perelli
5th It’s All About Love M. Marietti
Best of Show
Storm J. Child

Fleece Show
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Medium Wool – Natural Colored

Shetland 1st – 3rd Jamie Bromley
Shetland 1st – 2nd Autumn Breeze Acres
Shetland 1st – 3rd H. Kandel

Long Wool – Natural Colored

Coopworth 1st Hatchtown Farm
Gotland 2nd Riverbend Farm
Coopworth 3rd Hatchtown Farm

Icelandic – Natural Colored

Icelandic 1st – 3rd Lori Troy

Romney – Natural Colored

1st – 3rd Windy Oaks Farm/Ron Andress

Coopworth – Natural Colored


Medium – Other – Natural Colored

Southdown, Baby Doll
1st Stone Manor Farm
Unknown (Cheviot?)
2nd Sherry Lipira
3rd Talisa Velez

Fine Wool – White

Cormo 1st Bill McTeigue (4H)

Long Wool – White

Blue Faced Leicester 1st Dancing Waters Farm
Coopworth 2nd Hatchtown  Farm
Leicester Longwool 3rd Devon Schneider

Romney – White

1st Kristine Baker
2nd Kristine Baker
3rd Alexandra Rogers

Coopworth – White

1st Mountain View Coopworths
2nd Winters Past Farm
3rd Caroline Owens

Mohair – White

1st – 3rd Dancing Waters Farm



Best of Show: Bluefaced Leicester –
Dancing Waters Farm

Reserve: Coopworth – Hatchtown Farm

Sheep Shows Results not provided
Updated: 8 September 2012

Updated: 8-Sep-2012