Valais Blacknose Sheep Introduced in North America

The Valais Blacknose Sheep Association of North America announces the successful launch of a “breed up program” for introducing the breed to North America. The first generation of lambs are being born in 2018.

For centuries, the Valais Blacknose sheep were found only in Switzerland on the remote snow-covered peaks of Valais. Although the sheep are believed to have existed since the 15th century, it became a breed recognized by the Swiss Sheep Breeding Association in the mid 1960’s as the Walliser Schwarznasen or Valais Blacknose because of its unique markings. Several hundred were exported to the United Kingdom in 2014. The breed’s wool is considered ideal for carpets, bedding and felting.

The Blacknose Sheep Association of North America was formed in 2017 to support the introduction of the breed to the United States and record the offspring of the breed up programs already in progress.

For more information, on how to purchase the frozen semen of the Valais Blacknose Sheep, as well as general information on the breed, contact the Teton Blacknose Sheep Company at, or 561-309-1402.


Article Source: ASI Weekly March 23, 2018

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    1. Contact Reni and Kevin Melvin at – they are the only members who currently breed them. The 1st farm to import them is on the west coast and their contact info is in the text of this post. They have wethers for sale that were born this Spring (Teton Valais Sheep Co. email:

    1. Contact info is given in the post above for the 1st farm to have them available in the US (Teton Valais Blackface Sheep Co.) They are on the west coast, but Reni and Kevin Melvin are members who have one here in NJ. They will be breeding up and have F1 sheep available for sale next Spring. You could contact them for more info as well (

        1. A Breed-Up Program uses semen from a pure bred animal to breed a similar breed, and then over multiple generations the resulting lambs are nearly 100% of the desired breed. For example:
          Breeding Scottish Blackface ewes using Valais Blacknose Semen to produce an F1-50% Valais Blacknose lamb is the 1st step. In order to get a full Valais Blacknose breed the resulting F1 (50%) ewes with pure bred semen to get the F2 hybird (75% pure) and so on:
          F1 (50% Valais)
          F2 (75% Valais)
          F3 (88% Valais)
          F4 (94% Valais)
          F5 (97% Valais)
          The recommendation from the Valais Blacknose Sheep Society committee is to use ewes from these breeds in preference order: Scottish Blackface Sheep (originally used to create the Valais Blacknose), Leicester Longwool, Lincoln. Some have also used Gotlands or Teeswaters. No matter what breed, the sheep need to be registered. You can read more about the considerations for a breed up program at the Valais Black Nose Sheep Society website:

  1. I am interested in purchasing a Valais Blacknose, I live in Mullica Hill NJ. How much does one sheep cost? And how long would it take, before I can take it home?

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