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Work 144 Ralston Avenue S. Orange NJ 07079 United StatesCell Phone: 973-761-1776 (MAIN BUSINESS PHONE answered 24/7/365)Cell Phone: 973-943-3110 RalphCell Phone: 862-849-8250 AlexWebsite:


Our garments have been made from Merino, Rambouillet and Targhee.  For our woven products, we need very high comfort factor 21-micron wool.  Long staple, high strength.  For our knits, we need very high comfort factor 18-micron.

Our products are almost all woven … jackets, pants, hats … But we are expanding into knits.

 We offer finished garments via our website and at our showroom.

We are very interested to speak with growers and others who can provide fiber or processing and manufacturing capabilities!!  We need some Naturally Colored 18-micron fiber for our Neck Gaiters right away!

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