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General Rules and Evaluation Criteria

Due to limited space and the need to ensure there is only one of each breed being displayed, participation is coordinated.  In addition to providing the display participation in the Parade of Breeds – 12:00 on Saturday and 12:30 Sunday is also needed.   The Parade involves bringing a display animal to the show ring and walking it around the ring (Barn 2) during the Festival.  The exhibitor will need you to supply a  paragraph that describes the breed by August 15.  The paragraph will be read in the show ring while the exhibitor is displaying their animal.   Animals may be placed in the display Friday evening, or early Saturday morning. Pen assignments will be  emailed in advance to those who are participating, and will also be posted in Barn 1 at the Fairgrounds and on this web page.  If you wish to participate, and can meet the general rules below, please contact Bob May (Jennifer Elgrim re Parade of Breeds) by August 31.

General Rules

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  • Pen sizes are 5 ft wide by 5 ft deep. You will have two pens: one for your animals (room for 1-2 animals) and one for your display. Ewes or lambs only, for safety please.
  • A sign indicating the breed name (only) will be supplied by the Festival Committee to provide a uniform exhibit.
  • No animals, merchandise or products may be sold in the Breed Display. You may refer visitors to vendors booths located in Barn 3 or 4, provide business cards, or brochures about the products you sell.
  • Exhibitors will be listed in the program.
  • If animals will be shown, they may be removed for show purposes, but it is preferred that at least one animal be on constant display.
  • Animals must be on display for the full two days of the festival. Animals should be on display Saturday by 9 AM and remain on display until 3PM on Sunday. Animals may be put into display pens on Friday evening.
  • Animals must have health papers from a Veterinarian inspection within 90 days of the Festival for NJ residents; within 30 days the Festival for out-of-state residents.  This year, all animals are required to have had rabies shots.  Animals will be given a visual inspection at the time that they are unloaded.
  • Bedding will be provided but water and feed must be supplied by the owner or  exhibitor. There will be additional pens provided for hay and feed storage in the area  of the display.
  • Based on responses, we will try to place Scrapie program animals separate from  non-Scrapie program animals but we do not have the facilities to guarantee separation by a pen or alley. You may provide and secure canvas or other materials to the inside of the pen to prevent physical contact.
  • Selection of exhibitor will take the following precedence should there be more than one exhibitor wishing to display the same breed: Festival Committee members, GSSB members, 4H, and then other fiber producers.
  • The Festival is not responsible for the safety of any animal or property housed within. It is the responsibility of the owner of the animals to provide for the care, feeding and safety of their animals.

Breeds Display Evaluation Criteria

Ribbons will be awarded for 1st – 5th place.  Ribbons will be placed on the display, and results will be posted on  the web site.

  • Educational Value – 40 points – Information about the breed should be included in the display. It should include origin of the breed, the breed’s primary purpose, and other information of interest to the general public.
  • Fiber Animal (Sheep, goat, etc) – 30 points – Animals must be in pens at the time of judging, unless they are being shown. They should be a good representative of their  breed and in proper fleece for the season. Meat breeds may be slick shorn.
  • Handout Material – 10 points – Handouts should be available.
  • General Appearance – 20 points – The display should be attractive and relatively  clean. Clean water must be available to the animals at all times. Bedding in the pen should also be clean.

APHIS Exhibition and Transportation Guidelines


The certification program standards provide guidelines for reducing the risk of  scrapie exposure while animals are at shows or in transport. Guidelines include separating enrolled animals from non-enrolled animals by a vacant pen, barn alley,  or a solid barrier sufficient to prevent physical contact. Limited contact in show  rings minimizes the risk of disease transmission. At exhibits or sales, enrolled  animals may not commingle with non-enrolled pregnant animals that are within 60  days post lambing or kidding.

Barn 1 Layout Showing Breed Display (Draft)

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