Suffolk Foundation Program: Young Producers Travel Grant

The Suffolk Foundation is offering a new opportunity this year, the Young Producers’ Travel Grant. This grant will cover expenses for one individual to attend the American Lamb Summit held August 8-10, 2022 in East Lansing, Michigan.
The American Lamb Summit is an educational conference designed to inspire production improvements and collaboration among all segments of the US lamb industry.  Premier 1 Supplies, the American Lamb Board, Michigan State University, and the Michigan Sheep Producers Association are partnering to host this unique educational event.

American Lamb Summit Goals:

  • Increase the quality and consistency of American Lamb
  • Improve the US lamb industry’s competitiveness and productivity

Any producer of Suffolk sheep, age 35 and under, is eligible to apply for the funds that would cover:

  • Registration fee for the event
  • Up to three night’s lodging
  • Up to $750 in travel expenses (air fare or mileage)
  • Application deadline is June 1 and application is available on the USSA website (
Link to more information and application:
To learn more about the American Lamb Summit, please visit:


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