Festival Speakers 2019

All talks will be held in Barn 1 E Center (Barn closest to Parking Lot).


4H – Brittany Smith

Sun. 2-3


Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGD)  the Visible Fence – Doug YoungSat.  3-4

A Commonsense Approach to Livestock Guardian Dogs – Protecting Your Livestock Investment

  • What Is a Livestock Guardian Dog?
  • Benefits to the Livestock Owner
  • Guarding Dogs Versus Herding Dogs
  • The 3 Traits (Components) of an Effective LGD
  • Overview of The Livestock Guardian Dog Breeds
  • Selecting A Breeder
  • How To Choose A Puppy
  • Life Stages of Livestock Guardian Dogs
  • Liability Concerns

Pasture Management – Christian Bench

Sat. 1-2



Sheep 101 – Eunice Bench, Rosemont Valley Farm
Sat. 10-11 and Sun. 11-12

  • Starting with sheep
  • Picking a breed
  • Startup
  • Barn setup



Small Scale Manure Management – Mike Westendorf 

Sat. 11-12 and Sun. 10-11



Valais Blacknose Sheep

Sat. 2-3 and Sun. 12-1

This session is being presented by the Directors of the Valais Blacknose Sheep Association of North America and Teton Valais Blacknose Sheep Company.

Valais Blacknose sheep originated in Switzerland and are called “the cutest sheep in the world!” for good reason!  Valais Blacknose sheep are friendly, personable, absolutely adorable, and produce beautiful, soft, curly locks of fast growing wool spun into fiber/yarn. They are not in the United States, nor can they be imported, but frozen semen can be.
Please join this session and be introduced to the sheep and learn about how you can become a Valais Blacknose Sheep Breeder and own one of the Worlds cutest sheep.


Farm Bureau – Doug Wengrun



Updated: 14-Aug-2019