ASI Research Update Podcast: Antibiotic Use Regulations

This month’s American Sheep Industry Association Research Update Podcast takes a look at the use of antibiotics and upcoming changes to domestic regulations with veterinarian Rosie Busch from the University of California-Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.
The Food and Drug Administration will implement a new guidance recommending that drug manufacturers label all antibiotics as prescription-only beginning in June of 2023.
“That means we won’t be able to see these medically important antibiotics over the counter at feed stores or even if we’re buying them online,” Busch said. “Things like Valley Vet and other online pharmacies, we’ll see them there, but they will require a prescription in order to be able to buy them.”
It’s also important to note that veterinarians can’t legally write a prescription for antibiotics unless they have a veterinarian-client patient relationship.
“There is a federal definition, and states can have their own definition, but it has to meet the federal requirements,” Busch said. “Some states decided to go above and beyond that. Basically, it means that the veterinarian is familiar with you and your operation and animals. Usually it requires a visit, and that’s where it can vary from state to state.”
In addition to listening to the podcast, look for more information on the upcoming changes in the September issue of ASI’s Sheep Industry News.