Shepherd Workshops at MD Sheep and Wool Festival

Shepherd Workshops

We are pleased to present the following Shepherd Workshops at the 2016 Festival. We are again offering online registration with a paper registration option. All online and paper registrations will be processed on a first come, first served basis, until classes are filled. Paper registrations received after classes are filled will be returned. You may inquire at the Information Tent during the Festival for information on any classes that still have openings.

Registration Information

Refer to online registration instructions for additional information about registering online.

Free Lecture: Understanding How Physiological and Environmental Limitations Can Effect Wool Growth with Dr. Martin Dally, PhD.

This seminar will cover the many factors that affect wool growth. Both physiological and environment

JS50 Keeping Parasites at Bay with Dr. Andrea Loar, DVM

Most producers are familiar with the FAMACHA system of parasite detection, but more recently, the 5

JS51 Best Breeding Practices with Dr. Andrea Loar, DVM

Curious about using CIDRs for heat synchronization? Ultrasound pregnancy diagnosis? Embryo transfer?

JS52 Differences Among Sheep Breeds for Growth, Carcass and Meat Quality Traits with Dr. Kreg Leymaster, PhD.

Dr. Leymaster will explain why experimental comparisons of breeds are important and how results can

JS53 New Approaches to Eradicate Ovine Progressive Pneumonia with Dr. Kreg Leymaster, PhD.

This seminar will review symptoms and impacts of OPP on flock productivity, describe the discovery o

JS54 Get Greater Genetic Improvement with Cooperative Breeding Schemes with Dr. Kreg Leymaster, PhD.

Common constraints to genetic improvement by the seedstock industry and how these constraints can be

JS55 What are the Production Limits for Easy-Care Sheep? With Dr. Kreg Leymaster, PhD.

Common perceptions about sheep management will be questioned and related to profitability. Using exp

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