2018 Meat Sheep Show









1. Aged rams (2 to 4 years old)
2. Pair of aged rams
3. Yearling rams Granja
4. Pair of yearling rams
5. Ram lambs Smith,B Smith,B Smith,T Smith,T
6. Pair of ram lambs Smith,B
Grand Champion Ram Granja (Yearling)
Reserve Champion Ram Smith, B (Lamb)
7. Aged ewes (2 to 8 years old) Smith,B Detwiler Granja Detwiler Smith,B Granja
8. Pair of aged ewes Smith,B
9. Yearling ewes Smith,B Smith,B Detwiler Detwiler
10. Pair of yearling ewes Smith,B
11. Ewe lambs Smith,B Smith,T Granja Smith,B Smith,B
12. Pair of ewe lambs Smith,B
Grand Champion Ewe Smith,B (Yearling)
Reserve Champion Ewe Smith,B (Aged)
13. Pair of lambs (can be mixed or single sex) Smith,B
14. Get of sire (4 sheep any age or sex sired by the same ram) Detwiler
15. Dam and lamb (1 lamb either sex with its mother) Smith,B
16. Breeder’s flock (2 yearling ewes, 2 ewe lambs, and 1 ram any age, all bred & owned by the exhibitor)
17. Junior showmanship (exhibitor under 18 with any sheep) Smith,B
Best of Show Smith,B (Yearling Ewe)