Anatolian Shepherd Puppies Available

Anatolian shepherd puppies and very young adults available. My local animal control officer asked for help getting the word out. Owner is very ill. He said they look healthy and well bred. They are raw feed. Trained on sheep and chickens and he watched them with the animals and said they are kind. There is a fee. If interest he said to call him. Robert Lagonera 908-763-5033

Pamela Dennison, CWRI, CDBC
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  1. My family and I live on a farm in northeast PA. We presently use a female Anatolian Shepherd as a LGD. We have sheep, horses and a large amount of poultry. Delilah was trained by us here and protects her flock well. However, Delilah is getting older (9) and we are looking into introducing a younger AS.
    We can provide any references that may be needed.
    Thank you in advance,
    Tara Gandolfo

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